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Are you looking for a quick and convenient online platform where you can buy prints by local artists, illustrators, graphic designers and photographers? The newly-launched art website is the perfect place to go. A group of talented artists came together with the same shared motive - to be able to sell their work and that of their fellow creatives to the public easily and seamlessly. The site was designed and built by architect, furniture designer and amateur photographer, Sebastian van Greunen, who says, 'We hope that this will allow new entrants into the industry a great way to get noticed alongside well known ones'. You simply log on, search by category (anything from photography to painting to typography), click on the work you want to buy and voila! You add it to your cart and off you go. Plus you can rest assured that all payments and deliveries are 100% secure. It couldn't be easier to get your hands on exciting, brilliantly-designed South African art. Sebastian says,'The site’s main focus is ‘open edition’ printed work of South African illustrators, photographers, artists and graphics designers, but we do also have options for ‘limited edition’ printing on request'. If you're on the sales end, you simply need to create sales items by submitting the print files of your work and selecting your desired sizes and prices. All sellers can decide their own sales prices and the size of their works. The rest - including the ordering, payment, giclee printing (on top quality archival paper stock), packaging and shipping - is managed by the fineprint team. The exciting new site is also really eye-catching and will no doubt keep you browsing fabulous artwork for hours. Current featured artists include the likes of Alex Latimer, Anthony Dart, Brandt Botes, Ben Winfield, Gerhard Human, Patrick Latimer, Sebastian van Greunen and Phill Steffny. Soon you'll also get to enjoy works by Francois V Photography and Jean de Wet, with many more fresh names to come. For more information email, call 021-789-2597 or take a look for yourself at