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The woodbender

Photographs Anton de Beer, Hush Naidoo, supplied Local brands give us a taste of what to expect in 2013 and beyond… Charles and Shirley Mast, co-owners of The Woodbender, which manufactures handcrafted wooden furniture WHAT TRENDS DO YOU EXPECT IN 2013? We’re noticing an increased demand for value for money and a call for simplicity and a return to basics. Wooden furniture is an answer to all of these. There is a resurgence of interest in locally manufactured products as some imported ranges have not met expectations. Colour is also coming through strongly along with the trend of upcycling furniture. WHAT INSPIRES YOU PERSONALLY? We love to explore junk shops and boot sales, both here and abroad, looking for an item that can be given a fresh start – our home and factory are filled with such items, each with its own story. WHAT’S YOUR FORMULA FOR SUCCESS? We believe that the combination of a world class, locally manufactured range of furniture coupled with a work force that shares our vision, drive and principles, sets us apart. We’re privileged to have a wonderful team of ‘woodbenders’, many of whom have worked with us for many years. This stability and shared vision has enabled the company to continue to develop and adapt to the constantly changing marketplace. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO IN 2013? It’s a big milestone as The Woodbender celebrates 25 years of trading. In 1988 we could never have imagined the journey on which we were embarking and all the people we would meet. It is our goal to ensure that, as a South African company, we continue to offer all that our clients have come to expect from us and to continue manufacturing quality furniture (see their Morris Chair here) that reflects and interprets trends and market requirements. To that end we are visiting the Cologne Furniture Fair and Interiors UK so we are in a position to interpret and incorporate international trends into our range. For more information call 0860-103-647 or visit To see our other 2013 Trend Profiles turn to pages 60 – 62 of our January/ February 2013 issue or click below: