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The Weylandts Ladder

Weylandts' Antique Black Rattan Ladder may look like a decorative piece, but it's a surprisingly useful storage addition to any home. Here are five ways to use this versatile ladder: In the living room... Use the ladder in a living room to store magazines, newspapers and other reading material; or simply to provide an elevated and easily accessible place for warm winter blankets and summer throws. In the kitchen... If you've always coveted those hanging pot racks in decor mags, this is your chance to create your own. Suspend the ladder horizontally from the ceiling and hang pots, pans and other utensils on butcher's hooks hung over the rungs. In the bedroom... If closet space is at a premium, bring out beautiful heels, scarves and handbags and display them on the ladder instead. Heels will keep shoes in place while simple butcher's hooks will safely secure hanging handbags. Neatly folded scarves can be gently hung over spare rungs. In the bathroom... Use the ladder in a bathroom to store and display extra bath towels, hand towels and face cloths. If placed near the WC, the bottom rungs also provide an excellent spot for bathroom reading material. As a picture rail... If you're a renter and can't hang pictures on your walls, the Rattan Ladder offers a new way to display your favourite holiday snaps and small art pieces. Suspend photographs and artwork from ribbon or nylon tied to the ladder's rungs. The unusual display not only provides a unique focal point, but it allows for artwork to be easily changed whenever the mood strikes. The Antique Black Rattan Ladder is R459 and available from