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The VOC Pendant

The VOC (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie) or Dutch East India Company as it is now popularly known, was the trading company that united the Netherlands with foreign exotic locations such as Batavia, Persia, Bengal, Siam, Canton, The Coromandel Coast and our very own Cape of Good Hope. The inspiration behind this pendant comes from the VOC's monogram designed in 1602 which emblazoned everything from canons to crockery, porticoes and tobacco boxes. It's curious to observe how timeless and thus successful the design is. The monogram would celebrate its birthday cake with 409 candles this year. Show your appreciation and love for the Cape and its unique history by wearing one of these silver pendants around your neck. Light and elegant, these pieces are effortless Cape chic. Chandler House is a small design studio that Michael Chandler set up in 2010 after leaving the art and antique auction world. It is his interest in antiques and the Cape’s visual history that inform his current designs. Says Chandler: “The Cape visual history is rich and largely untapped. I hope that by using it as a source of inspiration, my designs might encourage people to look into our rich cultural past and appreciate how unique and rich it is. And have fun while doing it.”