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The Tea Strainer

Created by German design duo, Böttcher+Henssler, this practical and multifunctional tea strainer provides the perfect solution for those annoying teatime table spills.

Böttcher+Henssler, who are known to favour simplicity and originality in their designs used a real-life problem to come up with this design. ‘An evening as we sat together with a few friends, we came to speak about how there was no solution to the simple problem of where to put your strainer after having brewed a cup of tea. After that we began working on creating a smart and initiative solution on how to brew tea and prevent table spills with the same product.'

Made from a combination of silicone and stainless steel and suitable for mugs, teacups and teapots, this nifty item acts as a strainer as well as a bowl, easily collecting any excess liquid.

The Böttcher+Henssler Tea Strainer is available in grey, black, blue, mint, burgundy or red.

It retails for €20 (approximately R270) and is available via