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The Simpsons in a Bottle

Take a Mondrian masterpiece, add a pinch of Homer Simpson, a dash of Marge Simpson et voila! A sophisticated wine label, vintage 1987. Designer pair Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich came up with this fun packaging concept in 2014 inspired by famous cartoon series The Simpsons. 'Maybe it is wine, maybe not,' begins the designers' post on Behance, making us second-guess our assumption that this vintage is made from grapes at all. The bottles denote the vintage 1987 which is the year that The Simpsons debuted on American TV. simpsons In spite of the two very different sources of inspiration, the concept comes together quite seamlessly, offering a striking result that's both recognisable as its parts as well as in its own right. While the concept packaging proved hugely popular online, with over 50 000 views on the Behance page alone, no further developments have taken place, most likely due to Twentieth Century Fox's accusations of copyright infringement. Both Bolimond and Patsukevich have posted new projects to their Behance profiles since.   READ MORE: Textile elegance Art on a plate Italian battalion