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The Secret Love Project

Since they were strung up in what seemed like a stealth overnight operation, those sparkly crystals suspended from streetlights all over Cape Town’s city bowl have fascinated residents and visitors. Commuters and pedestrians have found a constant source of delight from the rainbow flashes caused as the crystals catch the light. How did they get there? Who would have come up with such a surprising idea? The answer is a certain artist-architect called Michael Elion, a Capetonian who has trained and worked extensively abroad on artworks and large-scale installations that ‘engage with the urban environment’. When locals recently started spotting colourful hearts of various sizes popping up randomly on lampposts, junction boxes and walls around the Cape Town CBD, a similar element of intrigue and enthrallment was felt. This, too, is Michael’s work; one of his officially recognised World Design Capital projects (#WDC518) – ‘a city-wide artwork… and social engineering experiment that aims to raise (the) positive collective consciousness of an entire city subliminally’. The Secret Love Project launches with a group show at Culture Urban + Contemporary Gallery in the Woodstock Exchange at 6pm on Wednesday, 12 February 2014 (on until 22 March). Also participating are Guto Bussab, MJ Lourens, Lorenzo Nassimbeni, Ree Treweek and Gwen van Embden. We can’t wait to find out more! Text Leigh Robertson