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The Rubbermaid System

If you're one of the lucky small space dwellers who happen to have a storeroom or garage, then you'll want to snap up this innovative system by Rubbermaid to make the most of that valuable storage space. The Rubbermaid Fast Track Rail is a wall-mounted system that offers versatile garage and storeroom organisation. The easily-to-install steel and plastic rail is designed to coordinate with a wide range of Fast Track add-ons that are simply snapped on where required – no need to drill extra holes when you need to add more elements. Whether you're looking to organise tools, hobbies or sporting equipment, or just need a place to store your bicycle, the Rubbermaid Fast Track Rail is adaptable to your everyday storage needs. And, should your hobbies or space change, the system can be reconfigured to accommodate new projects and fit within a different environment. You can buy the Rubbermaid Fast Track Rail and accessories from