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The Rockin' Bokkie

ilovebokkie’s Rockin’ Bokkie is such fun that we dare you to find a child who would be able to resist its charms. Modelled on the traditional rocking horse, the Rockin’ Bokkie is the brainchild of Durban designer, Wendy Douglas. It’s made of 18mm plywood that has been sealed and the edges painted a colour. ‘It’s a fun South African take on a traditional rocking horse. The "flying bokkie" was inspired by the old SAA logo,’ she says. ‘I think it has a bit of a whimsical feel, like it’s a made up character, as springboks don’t have wings and don’t fly. But she does!’ The Rockin’ Bokkie is part of a larger range of children’s furniture designed by Wendy under the ilovebokkie label which features other playful items to add excitement and practicality to childrens’ spaces such as bokkie-shaped shelving, zebra-print cushions and animal placemats. We loved the label’s Ellie Drawing Table so much, it was an Item of the Day, too. If you’d like a Rockin’ Bokkie to come and live in your home, visit the ilovebokkie website or look out for them at the Wellness Warehouse in Cape Town soon. Rockin’ Bokkies sell for R2 650.