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The Joya Wayuu Mochila Bag

Jewellery brand, Joya, has recently launched these gorgeous, Wayuu Mochila bags, which have travelled all the way from the La Guajira Peninsula in northern Columbia and northwest Venezuela to our sunny shores. The Wayuu, a group of indigenous people living in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela, hand make the Wayuu Mochila bags, which take up to a month to weave. The women who make the bags each have a unique signature that means something special to them – for example, rays of sun, the wind, path of love or coming of age. Recently the Mochila Bag has become something of a cult item, toted around town by fashion editors, celebrities and 'it' girls, and it's been featured on several international style blogs. 'It seems to be the iconic tribal bag', said Anne Slowey, respected fashion guru, who's picked up a few on her travels. 'It's the perfect mix of practical, exotic and chic.' The team behind Joya, Vicky and Daphne Fenner, loved the stories behind each bag and the fact that by importing them they are not only selling beautifully handcrafted products, but are also supporting indigenous people and culture. The bags perfectly complement Joya’s vibrant and ethnic aesthetic so they've selected a small collection of Wayuu Mochila bags to launch in South Africa, with the idea of importing more in the near future. Joya currently stocks jewellery, bags and other items at Balu Legacy in Claremont, Cape Town, and looks forward to expanding the Joya retail offering across South Africa in the near future. The limited edition, one-of-a-kind Wayuu Mochila bags retail for R1 500 and are available to order from and Balu Legacy. For more information contact or tweet @Joyacollection Text: Monde Mtsi