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The Herbivorous Butcher

One half of this brother-sister mean green vegan machine is aptly named Kale Walch. He took notice of sister Aubrey's dedication to a vegetarian diet over 18 years and decided on a lifestyle change - he's now dedicated to veganism. Getting into the game quite late, Kale still had a sense of the flavour of meats, so he devised recipes for making meats that have no animal products in them: real tasting Italian sausage which contains pinto beans, sun-dried tomatoes, soy, red pepper flakes, herbs and liquid smoke; smokey house ribs with tomato juice, garbanzo flour, beet powder, smoked paprika and barbecue sauce; and even maple-glazed bacon – a combination of wheat gluten, yeast, maple syrup, soy sauce, tapioca flour, beet powder, agar agar, and, of course, love. The familiar flavours of meat mean it's easy for omnivores to make the switch. 'We have carefully crafted 100 per cent vegan, cruelty-free meat alternatives that capture the best flavours, textures, and nutrients that meats have to offer without their negative impacts on health, animals, and the environment.' And so after a very successful Kickstarter campaign (they're the most successful vegan project on the crowdfunding site), Aubrey and Kale's meat-free meats will have a home in Minneapolis: (via Kickstarter) That's not the only trend in veggies this year. In fact 2015 is all about the humble vegetable. 'Ugly’ root vegetables such as kohlrabi, parsnips and celariac are taking the starring role, and we’re discovering what new flavours they can offer dishes. Trying the new tastes isn’t even the fun part: it’s the cooking and experimenting with complementary flavours that make this a hot trend. There’s also a whole lot of vegetable innovation to be seen: we can’t wait to try veggie yoghurt and visit our local vegan ‘butchers’. Read more about 2015's hottest food trends in HL's April issue. On sale now.