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The Ethical Co-op

Shopping for ethical and organic groceries and fresh produce has never been easier. The Ethical Co-op, launched in 2005, provides a time-efficient way for you to shop online for the best quality, authentic products and have it delivered to your front door. Simply register on their site to shop and receive updates on the latest produce available. Products range from in-season fresh produce to certified bio-dynamic cleaning agents and everything in between.  They take great care to ensure that they only deliver the best and are always on the lookout for products that are healthier and produced closer to home. Aside from the obvious health benefits, the Ethical Co-op also tries to minimise their carbon footprint by supplying milk and yoghurt in re-usable glass containers and re-using or recycling the rest. Available at affordable prices, they deliver across the country with minimal delivery fees. There really is no excuse not to go green! For more information, visit Text Astrid Sanders