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The Draper Stool

Craftsman Andrew Dominic specialises in traditional wood joinery, and he mastered his skill in his home country, England, before moving to Cape Town in 2009 to set up his Woodstock workshop. With a strong focus on contemporary design, Andrew custom makes high-end furniture using only sustainably sourced solid wood and non-toxic natural finishes. Commenting on the inspiration behind this carefully crafted stool, Andrew states that he wanted to introduce some ‘French curves’ to his kitchen. The French curves Andrew refers to are actually created with a traditional template used to create smooth curved angles when drafting a design manually. The Draper Stool softens the aesthetic of the kitchen in an understated, stylish way. The Draper Stool is priced from R4 200 (height is 650mm which is perfect for a 900mm kitchen counter). For more information visit or call 076-181-5520.