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The Cape Spittoon

The Cape Spittoon is a 21st century interpretation of an old Cape icon. I’ve always loved its curves and form, which I have admired in Great Cape Museums and at the Auction House where I used to work. I decided to combine this admiration for a glorified saliva receptacle with my love for white ceramics and the results can be seen in the images above. I hope that the spittoon will experience a revival and be included into contemporary homes as it is such a beautiful, simple thing with its roots stretching deeply into our unique Cape interior history. Available from Ebony, Franschhoek & Cape Town – in classic white and sunshine yellow. Other colours are available on request. Editioned out of 100. Chandler House is a small design studio that Michael Chandler set up in 2010 after leaving the art and antique auction world. It is his interest in antiques and the Cape’s visual history that inform his current designs. Says Chandler: “The Cape visual history is rich and largely untapped. I hope that by using it as a source of inspiration, my designs might encourage people to look into our rich cultural past and appreciate how unique and rich it is. And have fun while doing it.”