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the benefits of coworking spaces

The concept of dedicated office spaces becoming synonymous with certain companies because they’ve occupied the space for decades, is slowly fading from public knowledge. Taking its place is the notion of shared working spaces that are fluid, dynamic and in a constant state of flux. In a sense, the coworking trend reflects the nature of life in the digital age – fast-paced, unpredictable and agile. Whereas before, coworking spaces were the realm of entrepreneurs and freelancers, now large corporates are adopting the trend and demonstrating its far-reaching influence. For these innovative first-adopters, the benefits are considerable:

opportunities for collaboration

In traditional office spaces, networking and collaboration is an external exercise. In coworking spaces, consulting with professionals in other industries becomes so much more accessible. This is particularly true of creative and marketing professionals – programmers, writers, designers and strategists working in one space can benefit from sharing expertise and skills without having to leave the office.

a 24/7 work environment

As more companies move away from the set 9-to-5 work day and towards a more flexible approach to time management, workers are given more control over how they work. A number of studies have demonstrated that giving workers a high level of autonomy when it comes to managing their schedule, can lead to increased productivity. A coworking space that is open 24/7 lends itself to this forward-thinking approach.

partaking in the sharing economy

With the propagation of the sharing economy that “the internet of things” has catalyzed, the Harvard Business Review concluded that feeling part of a community is a significant motivation for people who choose to work in a coworking space. When these spaces are tailored to cater to the human element, the results are overwhelmingly positive. Coworking spaces need to feel open, accessible and conducive to discussion and relationship-building. The Sandton Central space, designed and facilitated by The Business Exchange, provides a space for South African businesses to thrive in a coworking environment. The office package includes the following facilities, among others:
  • Fibre optic internet
  • Upmarket bar and lounge
  • Barista-served coffee
  • Video conferencing facilities
  • Biometric 24/7 access
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