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Tea Merchant Steel Collection

Tea Merchants' teapots have been designed and manufactured in grade 304 stainless steel with a beautiful bright polish. Lovely to look at and indeed, highly practical, the range comes in varying sizes and with differing capacities. Each teapot has one feature that sets them apart. The 700ml teapot is designed with a shadow line on the base causing it to appear to float on the stove, while the 800ml teapot is a typical genie style pot, making it easy to remove the lid with one hand. The 1 000ml teapot has a foldable handle for easy filling and storage and the largest teapot, at 1 200ml, is ball-shaped with a similar handle for easy pouring. All teapots come with removable tea filters. For more information, visit Text Nicky Manson Previously the editor of décor and design magazine, The Property Magazine, and airline magazine, Indwe, Nicky now freelances.