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Tailored Gift Wrap

Photographs Maré Rootman Christine Meintjes and Nicola Pretorius, curators of popular local wedding and inspiration blog, The Pretty Blog, show us how to wrap an affordable, fashion-inspired gift. Why is the tradition of wrapping Christmas gifts special to you? We love presents and we love surprises. So wrapping a gift adds that element of surprise. Taking the time and making the effort of beautifully wrapping a present says 'you are important enough for me to take time out of my day to create something beautiful for you'. Gift wrapping turns the act of giving into a whole experience. Who is this gift for? Christine’s younger sister, Lydia. What is the inspiration behind this gift’s wrapping? Lydia studied fashion design and is now a buyer, so we were inspired by her love of fashion design. We also wanted to use things we already had at home. We had the old patterns as well as a few buttons and other sewing bits and bobs that we wanted to put to use. What materials did you use and where can they be purchased? We used old dress patterns, measuring tape, bias binding, embroidery thread, embroidery hoops, buttons and felt that you can buy at any fabric shop. You can pick up dress patterns for as little as R5. Plus a measuring tape is much cheaper that most ribbons! Did you use any special techniques to add that finishing touch to your gift?  We sewed a Christmas tree onto felt. It’s a bit skew, but it gives it a playful and handmade look. Christine and Nicola run The Pretty Blog. You can read Nicola's posts and see Christine's photographs at theprettyblog.com.