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Suzelle Hits the Books

South Africa’s do-it-yourself diva is treating the nation to 240 pages of her infinite creative wisdom in the form of her brand new book, SuzelleDIY. In it, the crafty brunette’s 100 000+ fans can expect more of her harebrained exploits and idiosyncratic innovations, as well as some beauty secrets, delicious recipes and features of her loyal sidekick, Marianne. The book has been compiled by the wildly successful YouTube vlog’s co-producers, Ari Kruger and Julia Anastasopou. It will available in both English and Afrikaans versions, at a cost of R395. It is published by Human & Rousseau and due for release on 15 October. To celebrate Suzelle’s new venture, we’ve put together a list of our favourite videos of her impressive antics…

When she showed off her creativity for Heritage Day…[/embed]

When she showed us how to copy her signature style…[/embed]

And how to peel apples the industrial way…[/embed]

That time she beat a banting guru at his own game…[/embed]

And when she taught us how to win someone’s heart…just like she’s won ours.[/embed]