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Survive loadshedding

Popular Youtube personality Suzelle DIY has recently launched her most useful home tips video to date: how to keep yourself and your home all lit up when Eskom sheds its load. Suzelle, who is now also an ambassador for retailer Checkers, takes us through a few ingenious ways to keep comfortable when the lights go out. A teaser video posted on Facebook on Wednesday, 22 July, had Suzelle wearing fairy lights around her hair and neck, telling viewers, 'I know what you are thinking: "Suzelle are you going to a rave party?" The answer is no. It is loadshedding.' In just over two minutes, Suzelle runs us through a few smart (and a little silly), ways to prepare for the long and lonely darkness that is a few hours of loadshedding in the evening. Two highlights: how to create your very own phone battery charger using nothing but a removable charger from the car dashboard and a nine volt battery all encased in a large matchbox, as well as how to fill a toolbox with all the necessary equipment needed for a night of loadshedding, including a stockpile of candles, matches batteries and a variety of torches. Watch Suzelle’s hilarious video on how to fill a hole in the wall here.   READ MORE: Loadshed in Style Four potjie recipes to try Q&A: How to survive loadshedding