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Sunshine Cinema Screenings

Rowan Pybus
Red Bull Amaphiko, a collaborative, open community platform for entrepreneurs who want to change their corner of the world, has produced a six part series called +27: Social Innovators of South Africa. The series was made in order to shine a light on the inspirational stories of local social innovators who are doing big things for themselves and their communities. 234 Each episode focuses on one social entrepreneur and tells a story of personal history, motivation, and the essence of how their project is cultivating positive change in their community. Thanks to Sunshine Cinema and MLT Drives, the series will be travelling through South Africa, bringing the screenings to where they were first produced and back to the communities and individuals who featured in them.  The screenings are entertaining, moving, enlightening and full of hope - all elements of a great story! Sunshine Cinema is a mobile, solar-powered cinema that enables knowledge and skills-sharing from one community to another. 329 Don't miss the chance to see one of these amazing episodes in venues around Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town! The screenings will be showed on the following dates and venues and entrance is free of charge:
  • 30 March, 4pm - 8pm: Innovation Hub, Pretoria
  • 7 April, 4pm - 8pm: Jozi Hub
  • 9 April, 4pm - 8pm: Community Event @ IDA , Thembisa
  • 17 April, 4pm - 8pm: Community Event @ Hubspace Khayelitsha
  • 18 April, 10am - 3pm: Special +27 Screenings @ 75 Harrington Street
  • 23 Apr, 4pm - 8pm: GSB Solution Space
For more information go the Redbull Amapiko and Sunshine Cinema websites.