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Home is the heart of House and Leisure. We believe that real decor inspiration is to be found behind other people's high walls and closed doors, and we take readers into these private worlds, reflecting the unique personality, decor ideas and lifestyle of the people living there. SUBSCRIBE NOW - CLICK HERE

Ed's letter

I write this letter – my last as Editor of House and Leisure – surrounded by boxes and assorted belongings as my home is disassembled and packed up, ready to be reassembled on another continent. I am heading ‘home’ to take up a new media role in New Zealand. Yet, the concept of home for me has changed since I settled in South Africa 11 years ago – both geographically and emotionally. I am not leaving because I despair at the future of this wonderful country. On the contrary, I am optimistic about where it is headed. I have learned so much from South Africans (thank you) including the belief, which always seems to become reality, that ‘it will all turn out ok in the end’. And looking through this issue, I feel proud and excited (as I so often have) at this month’s line-up of homes, because they all epitomise HL’s tagline of ‘the pleasure of living here now’. Naturally I feel sad too because it will no longer be my role to pore over, marvel at and select such amazing content month after month. But I leave you in the hands of a top team who will do what they have always done and that is to produce a brilliant magazine. We’ve dedicated this issue to Bathrooms, because, like Kitchens, it’s one area of the home that people so often want to renovate or revamp. Bathrooms have become more than just a cleansing space. They are now often labelled ‘sanctuaries’ as people chose to spend time relaxing and unwinding there. Turn to page 25 for bathroom accessories – mirrors, washing baskets and ladders – and page 30 for tile choices. We’ve also styled a selection of areas in the Johannesburg Duravit Center to give you ideas for different looks, and dedicated the Solutions section to wet spaces (page 153) to really help you focus. And of course all our houses this month carry the Wow! factor when it comes to bathrooms. Finally, there are the Best of SA winners for 2015 (page 141) where you, our readers, have told us who your picks are for the best coffee shop, microbrewery, spa and boutique hotel. A look at these makes it even harder to leave… naomi newsletter_nov     HL November on sale now!