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Starved for Space?

Wouldn't we all love a palatial bedroom with space for a private lounge suit and a roaring fireplace? If, like most people, your bedroom has space only for the bed (in itself a space you fight over with the dogs/cat/partner/children), then have a look at these tiny bedroom ideas. Here we've collected some ingenious ways others have discovered to make that teeny tiny bedroom feel as spacious as a king's:

1. Go for neutrals

A muted palette not only provides a sense of much-needed calm in the bedroom, it also lends to an airy, spacious and breezy effect. A well-placed shelf at the foot of the bed offers storage and decor options, while the minimal lighting fixtures and bare walls create an open, wispy feeling. Michaela-Scherrer-Pasadena-LA-Matthew-Williams-Remodelista-1 copy Image credit:  

2. Let the light in

If you've got a skylight, use it! Otherwise an elongated window will do the trick in letting in as much light as possible. Go for diluted monochromatic tones against white walls like they've done here, and keep the decor white to camouflage them. A cleverly placed mirror always adds in an extra illusion of space. Tiny4 Image credit:  

3. Bunk up

For the kiddies, keep twin beds end to end to open a small bedroom for more play area. Simple yet engaging decor is needed for young minds and this clean geometric painted half wall is the perfect option. Plus, your kiddo's will be gossiping up a storm, slumber-party style, just as kids are meant to! 2 Image credit:  

4. Get breezy

Light, breezy fabrics keep an aerated feel to this tiny bedroom, with the untreated, blonde wood raised base acting as storage. Lightweight fabrics prevent the room from feeling bogged down and stuffy, making a cosy room seem endless. Apartment-in-Weisbaden-by-German-Studio-Oink-Remodelista_0 copy Image credit:  

5. Go vertical

With clever wallpaper options - here the horizontal lines elongate the width of the room - keep the bed low to the ground, like a futon, and retain focus on a singular feature wall to create the illusion of vertical space. 51b14d1afb04d661e8000fe6._w.540_s.fit_ Image credit:  

6. Simple decor

Another kiddies' option, here they've picked a theme for decor and art at various heights on the wall with a low bed to open up this cramped space and cast the eye upward. Keep the decor simple and for art, try hanging them without frames for a less weighted aesthetic. 9 Image credit: READ MORE: Shelving for Small Spaces MRP Home Small Spaces Range Small Spaces Tips