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Spookasem, who recently showcased their work at Design Indaba, are bringing a new level of intrigue to illustration and product design. With designs as playful and whimsical as the name, we simply had to chat to creative duo, Jade Klara and Dani Loureiro. What is Spookasem? Spookasem is a collaboration between Jade Klara and Dani Loureiro, bringing to life artist-crafted, locally-produced lifestyle products. What do you produce? We have our SKAL range of illustrated beer glasses, our Water range of illustrated drinking glasses, Spook Book journals and tote bags. We develop each range to tell a specific story. How did the brand form? Spookasem started as a passion project - we wanted to use illustration in the area of product design and development. Our vision was to bring to life unique and playful lifestyle products. In our first project, SKAL, we asked some of our favourite illustrators to design a beer glass to the theme of Norse mythology. We had such fun and received a great response; and so, Spookasem was born. What inspires your various products/ ranges? Each range is developed under a chosen theme where we work together to tell a story. We manifest spells and ghostly journeys and take inspiration from all things spellbinding, as well as simple things, like water. As designers and artists, what and who are your influences? Cape Town (where we both work) is a very creative city with a lot of talented people who are a constant source of inspiration. People like Jordan Metcalf, Daniel Ting-Chong, Adam Hill, Emma Cook and our friends from Studio Muti are constantly producing great work. Spookasem likes William Blake, snakes and working by moonlight. What is the biggest challenge you face? Being able to manufacture quality goods in limited runs. We are currently making everything locally and it is difficult to find good manufacturing solutions for small, unique runs. We hope to expand our retail base so that we can increase volume and explore other manufacturing options, while still staying local. What can we look forward to? An online store is on the cards. We are also looking to expand our range into some patterns for bags and apparel. We are working on a stationery range, an expansion of the Spook Books and continual growth in our glassware. Visit the Spookasem website at or their Facebook page at; alternatively call Dani on 073-717-3943 and Jade on 082-872-9030. You can also contact them via email for a list of their stockists.  Interviewed by Lisa Wallace