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Spice Spice Baby

What’s life without a little bit of spice? We all agree that a sprinkling of chilli adds heat to a curry, or that a pinch of saffron gives paella added depth. But if you can’t tell cumin from cardamom, ginger from galangal, or mace from marjoram, international food experts Dean and Deluca are here to help. The famous New York gourmet deli has just published an online guide to spices. “We’ve devoted ourselves to doing spices better than anyone – seeking out the finest, freshest and most unique seasonings in the world and making them available to you in our 2011 Spice Guide.” A comprehensive listing of spices on their own – seeds, pods, powders and grains – in their most pungent, potent states, or as exciting mixes or unconventional blends, the Spice Guide is indispensable to the creative cook. After all, as they say, if you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen!   Text: Bambina Olivares Wise Images: Dean & Deluca