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The concept of pet accommodation has been around for decades in the form of traditional kennels where dogs and cats are housed temporarily while pet owners are away. These shelters, which are typically made of wire and timber, are facilities where pets are simply boarded, watered and fed, with little or no emphasis on comfort, luxury and décor. But this concept is fast changing, and here’s why: more and more pets are being considered 'part of the family’. In fact, France recently passed a law stating that dogs should no longer be viewed as ‘personal property’, but rather as ‘sentient beings’ (read more here), and New Zealand has just followed suit. Such developments show that the world’s perception of canines is shifting and people are starting to recognise that, like humans, they need interaction and socialization. It’s only natural then that luxury pet spaces are on the rise (in fact, we named it a trend for 2016). South Africa has seen an increase in the launch of doggy day cares and tailored pet services, in the form of professional pet sitters, dog walkers, canine crèches and grooming services. Owners who work long hours and are not home during the day can now relax knowing that their furry friends are being treated to walks and playtime. The latest addition to this trend, the sumptuous @Frits Dog Hotel and Daycare Centre, ups the ante significantly. Located in Cape Town’s trendy De Waterkant suburb, the five-star property offers services that range from stylish overnight stays and day and night care to grooming, spa treatments and veterinary care! It is a true luxury boutique pet accommodation, and each room has its own unique style, with am impressive amount of emphasis put on décor and comfort. Owners can opt to put up their four-legged friends in a Platinum Suite, a Deluxe Suite or a Doggy Dormitory, and every stay also comes with perks like group play sessions and room webcams so owners can keep tabs on their little ones. The hotel has been described as 'the perfect home away from home' for furry companions whose moms and dads are off on business or leisure trips. lt's designed to cater to every need of pets (including their need for social interaction and play) so that owners can rest assured that their pup is 'lapping up love and luxury'. Here’s a sneak peek at the hotel rooms, pink flamingos, wallpaper accents and all! Dog3 Dog1 Dog2 For more information, and to see rates, visit