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Slim Hangers

There are few places where tight spaces are more prevalent than a closet. They're the site of an ongoing battle between organisation and chaos that can challenge even the tidiest of individuals. Thankfully innovative design comes to the rescue in the form of super slim clothing hangers. While slim hangers aren't exactly a new development abroad, they're finally making their way into stores in South Africa. Woolworths is one of the first to offer these clever closet helpers at a more pocket-friendly price. Available as a set of eight in neutral beige flocking, the hangers take up less room than traditional wooden hangers, allowing for more garments to be hung in the same space. And continuing the fight against closet chaos, their soft flocking prevents slipping – ensuring they won't leave you with a pile of clothes on your closet floor. The hangers are R110 for eight and are available in store and online from