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Skinny laMinx iPhone Covers

Ever popular Skinny laMinx is branching out! Owner/designer Heather Moore has created this fun line of iPhone covers as a self-licensing endeavour. The covers are inspired by her gorgeous fabric prints and patterns, all of which stem from her doodles and drawings in her sketchbook. HL chatted to Heather about this new venture, where she sees her work going and what inspires her to create: Tell us about Sketchbook – what is it? Where did it stem from? I am always drawing and designing and making patterns. Some of these designs are turned into Skinny laMinx fabrics or stationery, while others are licensed to other companies around the world, but there are quite a lot of things in my sketchbook that don't really get seen, as there's not quite the right place to publish them. I'd been wanting to find a way to give more of my work a place in the sun, so when I came across the 'self-publishing' world of Nuvango, it was a bit of a eureka moment. I've opened my online store called Skinny laMinx Sketchbook to put more of my patterns out there to the world – this time on cellphone covers and laptop cases. What kind of work have you done to date? The first thing I did in my Skinny laMinx Sketchbook store on Nuvango was a series called Frankenflowers. This was inspired by a range of ceramic transfers I made a few years ago, where I would chop up and invent crazy flower combinations that I had fired onto ceramic plates and mugs. I no longer produce these items and the designs needed a fresh life, so now they can live on a cellphone! After that I helped promote a quilting fabric range I'd done for US company Cloud9 Fabrics. The Yoyogi Park collection was inspired by a trip to Japan, and while the designs are available on gorgeous organic quilting cotton, not everyone is into sewing, so it's nice to also have them prettying up a laptop or iPhone. Where to from here? What's next for Skinny laMinx? We'll keep publishing new designs in the Skinny laMinx Sketchbook store – some just for fun, and others as a way to promote our other work. So the next big one to look out for is when we release our new fabric range in June. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled! For more info, visit