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Six Insta-Mamas to Follow

All too often special moments in our daily lives pass by without acknowledgement or appreciation, especially amidst the craziness and chaos that is parenthood. That's why we at House and Leisure love Instagram for giving parents around the world a platform to document their kids growing up, and to creatively share this special time with one another. These kinds of accounts have become the modern family album . Easy to use and update, they're especially perfect for busy moms on the go. Some might be more beautifully curated than others, but all of them are ultimately just women proudly showing off the beautiful children they created and adore. Here are some of our favourite Insta-mamas to follow:   1. James Kicinski-McCoy (bleubird) James is a mom with four quirkily named kids and a whole lot of style. Her lifestyle blog dubbed Bleubird features beautiful weekly portraits of Julian ('Juju'), Plum, Gemma ('Birdie') and Sailor, but it's the shenanigans of her sassy littlest ones and Bijou the Bengal cat that are sure to brighten up your Instagram feed.

We found the happiest wall in Jamaica.

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  2. Amanda Watters (mamawatters) Amanda is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her third child any day now, a pregnancy that has been as beautifully documented on Instagram as her parenthood of little Theo and Stella. Her anecdotes, not to mention incredible photography and beautiful house, will soon have you hooked on keeping up to date with this mom and their charming family life.   
some days of parenthood are real doozies, like the kids aren't listening well and i spend all my energy saying the same thing to them what feels like five hundred times. days when they get too wound up and start fighting and pushing buttons, and being crazy like eating dirt from the garden, and slamming doors on fingers, and saying rude things, and shaving crayons with kitchen tools, and getting foundation on all the white linens in the bathroom. just all the things. and in those moments it all seems so overwhelming because as parents we are really trying to do our best and it's HARD work. like the hardest thing i've ever done. period. and frustratingly so, sometimes our best can look pretty pathetic because we are tired and worn down, or simply because we have NO idea what we are doing. but then, there are golden moments like these. moments where time stands still and the only words that come to mind are blessed and thankful. times that make me tear up with joy as i see my life unfolding with these sweet humans at the center of it, teaching me more about myself and the ways of the world than i could have ever learned from a book or travel experience or the like. as i navigate these waters of parenthood, i strive to keep this perspective, that everything is a phase, yes EVERYTHING. the hard and beautiful. to take each day slowly, savoring it's delicious nectar because it all goes so darn fast. photo taken by @kaleyfromkansas and vintage dress from @adelaidehomesewn A photo posted by Amanda Watters (@mamawatters) on
  3. Angie Durrant Batis (miss_luckypony) Angie is a local mom to wide-eyed baby Nina James. She co-owns the popular Wolves cafe with husband Shane (lead singer of Desmond and the Tutus), and runs a great blog called Lucky Pony featuring interesting places and creative talent around Jozi. Even with her hands full she continuously updates Instagram with the sweetest pictures of their adventures as a first-time mother and daughter team.
  4. Courtney Adamo (courtneyadamo) Courtney Adamo is another dedicated mom to a big brood of two boys and two girls, and the co-founder of a very successful kids blog and online shop called Babycchino Kids. There's no better testament to her love for her children or the beautiful vintage clothes she sells than her Instagram feed, featuring the daily life and times of her London family.  
A little rest at the top of a quiet bridge A photo posted by Courtney Adamo (@courtneyadamo) on
  5. Jessica Shyba (mommasgonecity) You may recognise Beau (far right) for his Instagram fame as one half of #naptimewiththeoandbeau, a photo series featuring a little boy and his beloved rescue dog enjoying their daily afternoon snooze in various entangled positions. Behind the lens of those sweet photos is loving mom Jessica Shyba. Her tribe also includes Jack, Zoe and 9-month-old Evvie, who has recently started gatecrashing naptime pics to the delight of 550 000 followers.

Baseball, playground, birthday party, Costco: the most perfectly average, excellent day #shybaselfie

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  6. Amanda Jane Jones (amandajanejones) Amanda lives in Chicago with her husband and their toddler Jane. She uses Instagram to capture their outings around the city and is currently pregnant with her second child. It won't be long before you fall in love with her beautifully minimalist house and Jane's cute vintage outfits!  
Father's Day is just around the corner, so keep your eyes peeled for our Insta-Dads piece!