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Six Insta-Crafters

Ariele Alasko

We love Instagram for helping us  to uncover the creativity of ordinary people from around the world.

Here's our list of favourite Insta-crafters, the awe-inspiring users whose weird and wonderful talents have caught our eye and got us hooked on their feeds.


Danielle Clough (fiance_knowles)

A South African embroidery artist is making this old school craft cool again through her brightly coloured, intricately shaded pieces of hoop art.


Seb Lester (seblester)

 A calligraphy artist recreates iconic brand names and titles from pop culture in these 15 second clips that are strangely soothing to watch...

Doodling A video posted by Seb Lester (@seblester) on


Anna Kliewer (butherightthing)

This locally based artist uses some clever cutting skills to twist vintage images into mind-bending collages.

thursday. #papercollage #collagecollectiveco

A photo posted by anna bu kliewer (@butherightthing) on


Ariele Alasko (arielealasko)

A woodworker from America posts daily pictures of everything she makes in her workshop, including some stunningly hand carved spoons and butter knives.


Anna Bond (annariflebond)

This illustrator and entrepreneur co-founded Rifle Paper Co., a company producing her intricate designs on everything from invitations to iPhone covers.


Ross Symons (white_onrice)

Ross is an origami artist from Cape Town who uses his folding skills to come up with an array of masterpieces that fit in the palm of his hand.




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