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Shhh! It's a Secret

There have been some exciting things on the go at Spier - probably the biggest of these was the move to transform the Werf, the historic farmhouse on the Stellenbosch wine estate that forms part of its narrative. Updating this was an exercise in sensitive reimagination, and the result connects the farm's roots to its place in the present: bringing on-trend foodie offerings, sustainable farming practices and artistic flair to the area. It's no surprise then that the Werf is the landing base of all upcoming activity this weekend during Spier's annual Secret conference and festival, which also launches the new hoghouse, bakery and cafe by celebrated local chef PJ Vadas. Here are some of the highlights for this weekend.

Not your usual conference

All the activity for this weekend starts on Friday afternoon, where conference delegates will be trodding all over the farm to get the lowdown on what's important in the food industry now.

Andrew Merritt and Paul Smyth (Something & Son)


This London based design studio have an interest in the fields of arts, architecture, technology and social systems. What's that got to do with food and wine, you may ask... In 2011 the duo created FARM:shop, an urban sustainable farming initiative that promotes food self sufficiency.

Zayaan Kahn

Did you know South Africa had an expert in insect-eating practices, let alone a leading expert? Well that's just what Zayaan Kahn is, except I'm sure she prefers entomophagist. She'll be talking about how insects are a viable source of protein.

Highlighting food trends

Sriracha_FI While walking around the estate this weekend make sure you keep an eye out for one of these super cool foodie experiences:
  • Sound, smell and taste experiments
  • DIY cheese paired with Spier Creative Block
  • Bugs as tasty treats
  • Sriracha hot sauce and sound tasting
  • Ugly fruit and vegetables
  • Hotels for worms

Visit the Market on Saturday

Book out the whole of your Saturday afternoon to take in the sights, sounds and delicious aromas of the Spier Secret Market, which launches on 31 October 2015.

Starting on 31 October, join us every Saturday from 9am - 2pm at @spierwinefarm. Come play! #SpierWerfMarket ??????

A photo posted by Spier Werf Market (@spierwerfmarket) on

A lolly to make you jolly. Come get some on Saturday @spierwinefarm from 9am - 2pm. A photo posted by Spier Werf Market (@spierwerfmarket) on

A lolly to make you jolly. Come get some on Saturday @spierwinefarm from 9am - 2pm.

A photo posted by Spier Werf Market (@spierwerfmarket) on

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