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Masters of their Craft: Craig McAlister


Having been in the furniture business since he left school, Craig McAlister, supplier for leading designer furniture producer SHF, is practiced at making things with his hands. Whereas aluminium and timber were his earlier materials of choice, he picked up the age-old skill of weaving in the early 2000s, determined to take an ancient tradition and propel it into the future in the form of beautiful, modern home pieces. A stately man and the manager of outdoor furniture company Macalli, Craig adopts a can-do attitude and keeps his factory and showroom in Umhlali, KwaZulu-Natal, extremely neat and orderly – a tendency that's stuck since his time in the army. The father of two boys is passionate and determined, is ready to keep reinventing products and ways of doing things, and always weaves himself into his work. All in all, he's keeping an old craft alive, promoting the value of handmade items and passing on his weaving knowledge to eager staff. That is why Craig is an integral part of the SHF business. Below are some of his personal favourite items from the company's collection.

Sentosa Lanterns, R695 - R895 Sentosa Lanterns, R695 - R895

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