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Shape-Shifting Shelving


The challenge with decor and furniture shopping is that you can never be 100% sure that your precious purchase is going to be everything you’d hoped it would be when you take it home. Once within the walls of your abode, you might find that it’s too big, too small, too round or simply too incompatible with the general look of your space. U-Bendit-Shelf-Straight With this in mind, the folk behind Emerging Creatives – a team of young, local designers driven by the desire to innovate – have pioneered a shelving unit that you can bend and flex and otherwise adjust when you get home to suit your exact needs. Made from powder-coated mild steel, the U-Bend It shelf – apparently the first of its kind in the world – can be folded along various laser-cut perforations to take on a form that best works for the owner. U-Bend-it-Box Different configurations offer different storage and display possibilities and also bring distinct looks into your home – you could go for sleek and simple or a little bit edgy and unusual (the formation below is great for the latter). U-Bendit-Shelf-1 The shelf is sold flat and full of potential, so you can transform it however you please when you buy it. Once bent though, it shouldn’t be folded on the same lines again. U-Bendit-Flat You can get your shape-shifting ledge in either black or white online from for R599 or from for R619 or less (depending on whether it’s on sale).