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Shadow Show

As much as the invention of the sundial has its place in history, we're hazarding a guess that there were and still are very few people who can actually look at this shadow caster and tell the time. Overseas venture Mojoptix has made this much, much easier by bring the old contraption into the 21st century.

The modern sundial, which is made up of 3D-printed elements, contains no electronics or technology and yet somehow displays time like a digital clock would do, with numerals featured within the dial's shadow. Apparently, this invention was carefully designed using mathematical techniques to ensure that only specific rays hit the unit at specific times, ensuring that the correct digits are displayed.

In this way, it's really a work of genius, but we're pretty sure there's a little magic involved too.

The product is not entirely perfect - it only updates every 20 minutes and only tells the time between 10am and 4pm - but it's still quite spectacular.

A DIY kit comprising the parts of the sundial is available via Etsy, so anyone can order their own little miracle clock and make it themselves.