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Shadow night jar

If you like to decorate your outdoor space with lanterns - but not necessarily the traditional kind - then you'll appreciate these shadow night jars from Love Milo that have a bit of a fun touch. Each lantern contains a small glass tea light holder which casts shadows onto the outer glass, giving the impression that the insects are buzzing around inside the jar. Besides being aesthetically beautiful, it adds an element of interest and surprise to an evening outside. We like the fact that the jars don't rely on electricity, but natural light instead. Love Milo owner and designer Nicki Ellis says, 'The night jar is perfect for outdoor use because it uses candle light which I think is the most beautiful light; it's warm and doesn't look artificial'. This also means you can hang or display them anywhere as they don't need to be close to a power source. Nicki adds, 'Our night jars have a wire handle with a slight indent for hanging them on branches etc. so they won't slide off.' The two lovely designs include insects and birds, both printed in black, on the jars measuring 12cm x 10cm x 10cm. The glass is also dishwasher safe so you can pop it in for a rinse when it starts to look grubby. Available for R250 (packaged in a box with a tealight included) from the Love Milo shop, 99 Loop Street, Cape Town. You can also call 082-522-4921 for more information or make your purchase from the Love Milo online store