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Setting up a 'man cave'

Furniture manufacturer Alpine Lounge tells us what to look for when creating a masculine space for yourself and your friends. When creating a 'man cave' you must consider three things: comfort, quality and easy maintenance. Alpine Lounge offers a range of exclusive furniture pieces to create the most ideal 'man cave' possible. With couches made of real hardwood and genuine leather, the simple lines of design guarantee comfort at its best. For the man who likes to swing his feet up and possibly indulge in some cognac with friends, the large recliner is a must-have – it'll ensure everyone knows who the boss of the cave is. The Ashanti range from Alpine Lounge comes with various furniture pieces in different sizes, meaning you can arrange the cave according to the space you have available in your home, or based on the number of 'cavemen' you will be expecting from time to time. There are single-seaters (reclining optional) and double and triple-seaters too. If you’re the kind of guy who wants to share the ‘feet up’ experience with the boys, you might even consider getting the three-seater reclining couch. The suites are designed to ensure that practicality and comfort work hand-in-hand, turning an empty space into the perfect 'man cave'. For more on the Ashanti suites or to find a stockist near you, visit