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'Bonjour' Ligne Roset


Designer furniture brand Ligne Roset has recently moved out of Bryanston and set up its new showroom in the heart of Kramerville, a spot that it calls the ‘design and decor heartland’ of Johannesburg. ‘When the spacious first floor at the recently renovated 14 Kramer Road became available, we leapt at the opportunity!’ says Ligne Roset’s Brendan Williams. He explains that the new location is meant to better showcase the brand’s top furniture, as well as of course, attract new clients. ligneroset1

'We aim to continue inspiring our existing supporters by showing the collection in an inspirational new environment.'
You can expect to find a few design icons on the showroom floor, including Christian Werner’s Prado sofas, as well as never-before-shown items from the new range, such as Philippe Nigro’s Cosse seating. ligneroset2 Brendan adds that some existing classics have had makeovers, and there are some nice surprises in store. ligneroset5 As for the experience you can expect when you pay the showroom a visit, Brendan explains that visitors will find a ‘furniture lounge’ where they can view each piece in a cohesive setting to best understand how the creators envisioned its use. ligneroset6 Look out for the official launch of the showroom coming up in the first quarter of the year, and make sure you keep an eye out for the new collections, some of which have only recently been shown for the first time in Cologne and Paris. Visit