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Rope Jewellery

We chatted to jewellery designer and HL Rising Star, Katherine-Mary Pichulik, about her range of fashionable rope jewellery. What motivated you to create jewellery from rope? Its mutable nature, the way its texture can stiffen or hang through certain techniques and because textiles and weaving has been used in jewellery for centuries, especially during the Ottoman Empire. What do you believe makes your pieces, as you describe them, ‘wild’? They begin as concepts and feelings - shapes and an image of a landscape or portrait - that inform a wearable piece. They differ in size and volume and are playful, often with a sense of humour. Hopefully they almost stand outside of trends as crafts themselves. Which trends inspire you personally and professionally? Multidisciplinary trends such as looking locally, sourcing local materials and produce, being economically conscious and the trend of encoding individual personalised user experiences into products. Can you share some tips on how to wear bold accessories? Wear with classic lines, but pay attention to details such as pattern, fabrics and textures. For example, you can pair a bold accessory with a simple teal outfit made from chiffon or suede. Learn to play with volume and lines. Do you have any exciting projects in the pipeline? There are some interesting collaborations coming up, as well as a few great showcases and greater exposure on international platforms. Watch the video teaser for her Spring/Summer 2014 collection here: For more information, visit Interviewed by Astrid Sanders