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Roll-out Luxury

For us at House and Leisure, winter is the time to give in to all things decadent. We're on the hunt for new hides that will spruce up your  living space in a flash. Julian Gelb of Home Fabrics unveils the latest luxury fabrics and shares his interpretation of luxe living...   What defines luxury in your books? There is nothing more exciting than travelling to exotic destinations and staying in beautiful and luxurious hotels. What’s your decadent fabric choice for a bit of winter indulgence? Velvet is my first choice as it speaks of warmth and luxury. Our new Temptation Velvet (Home Fabrics) has a wonderfully antique look about it which adds to its charm and character. Which items carry velvet particularly well - couches, cushions, surfaces or linen? Velvets look great on sofas, chairs, ottomans and headboards. If you deep button the furniture, it enhances the look of the piece and creates a lot of interest as light plays off the surface of the fabric. Which palettes are hot? I’m loving all the shades of charcoal and mineral tones which are so in vogue at the moment. I like to complement them with trendy accent colours such as yellow, berry tones, and all the new blues which are coming to the fore. When it comes to luxe living, do you think less is more or MORE is more? For me, it’s definitely more is more. I am an avid collector of beautiful things and can’t resist a bit of shopping, especially on my travels. How can one best make a statement with fabrics? Depending on the room size, use and orientation, I favour accents of robust colour and large-scale designs used on feature chairs - all set in a classic, neutral space. We do the distribution of the Designers Guild range of fabrics in South Africa and Tricia Guild is a pro at this look and is synonymous with scale and colour. Visit or call their head office on 011-266-3700.