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Rising Stars 2013: Jordan Metcalf

How did you get into graphic design and typography? Like many others I’m sure, I studied design because I actually wanted to do fine art, but also wanted to make money so it felt like a pragmatic compromise. But the more I learned about what design was and began to appreciate the nuances involved in effective communication, collaboration and negotiation the more I fell in love with it. My interest in typography and lettering comes from a combination of this love of design and an awe and fascination with the power and scope of written language. What exciting new projects are you working on at the moment? I have a few projects on the go at the moment, but I just got back from an extended nine-week 'vacation' to the United States, so I'm still getting back into my stride and figuring out my next big steps while trying to manage the smaller ones. It's easy to be busy all the time without taking a step back to try and define the trajectory of where all that effort leads. This is something I'm trying to figure out now; where is it all leading to...? Career highlight? It's all cumulative I think. I have been lucky enough to work with lots of fantastic clients on some really great projects, and fortunate enough to get to a position where I am able to take time off to do personal projects, exhibitions and travel. Every small step forward should be the highlight, or else you end up in the position where your best is already behind you. To view Jordan’s work, visit jordan-metcalf.com. Text Raphaella Frame-Tolmie