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Rising Stars 2013: Colwyn Thomas

How would you describe your work and yourself as a practicing artist? My work is drawing based and orientated around clean line-work. Up until now I've used digital colour and layering to create either watercolour textures or printmaking effects. Where did you study and how long have you been practicing for? I studied at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT. I've been a professional practitioner for eight years. Out of your methods of work, do you have a favourite or preference? Why is it a favourite? All my work originates in pencil. I love the purity of graphite line-work. It can be incredibly simple and emotive at once. Do you have a favourite piece or project that you've worked on? I enjoy illustrating album art for my musician brother, Gary Thomas. The cover piece for his album ‘Contraption Distoria’ is a favourite. I had to invent a ramshackle machine that could propel a scientist out of the atmosphere and create a mood around that moment, one that correlated in some way to the nature of my brother’s music. The strength of that piece, in my mind, and what I enjoy about it, is that everything important in it is yet to happen… What inspires your design/illustration style? Japanese printmaking, comic books and the drawings of painters like Klimt and Van Gogh. What works are you busy with currently and what can we expect next? I'm currently focusing on a documentary film about leopard skins full time for the next two months. Then I begin working towards my first major exhibition, which opens in December. To view Colwyn’s work, visit Text Lisa Wallace