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A Sleek, Sturdy Family Ride

South African roads can make for a challenging ride. Whether you're navigating heavy congestion or damaging potholes, you need to take extra care behind the wheel, so the sturdy Renault Kadjar EDC, launched in April 2016 this year, is a welcome addition to the market. Not only is it spacious and robust, but its striking looks and appealing interior features make it something of an instant classic (maybe it should be on our Christmas wishlist?). Renault has paid close attention to detail in its design, particularly with the touch-lock system and built-in navigation console. WOW recently shot actress, sports lover and businesswoman Vanessa Haywood-Sandes on the go in the Renault Kadjar. She loved the mobility, modern operating systems and the stretch-out space that it offers. All six variants in the range combine SUV, hatch and sportswagon features. The Kadjar Dynamic 4×2 model range now features Renault-developed EDC transmissions as well as the globally acclaimed 1.5 dCi 81 kW turbo diesel engine. And it scores in the eco-friendly ratings too – achieving reductions of up to 17% in fuel consumption and up to 30g/km in CO2 emissions (oh, and the engine noise is quieter). All in all, a vehicle we love. For more information on the expanded Renault Kadjar range, visit Save Save Save