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Recycled gift wrap

Local menswear blogger and HL's very own intern, Monde Mtsi, shows us how to transform magazines into festively fabulous gift wrap. Why is the tradition of wrapping Christmas gifts special to you? It’s about adding your personal touch to what could have been a very generic and cold gift. It also means you care because you’re taking the time to make sure it’s presentable. Who is this gift for? One of my best friends who is an avid reader of magazines, especially those published by Associated Media Publishing. What is the inspiration behind this gift’s wrapping? Magazines. My friend loves them. So I thought it would be fun to wrap his gift with past issues that he’s read and mentioned specific articles read in them that he’s thoroughly enjoyed. It’s also good to recycle past issues that you have read and don’t necessarily want to keep but also don’t know who to pass them on to. Did you use any special techniques to add that finishing touch to your gift?  No special add-ons – thought keeping it simple was best. The covers have enough drama on their own. My best tip for gift wrapping is to keep it simple and try to use what you already have that you can let go of. Otherwise, try and buy some paper with personality to increase the chances of a personal connection between the gift and its receiver. You can read Monde's tips and trends at, or check him out on page 20 of the January/February 2013 of House and Leisure, on sale now.