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Opening to the public in March 2013, is a new online mall dedicated to sharing fantastic local design with fellow South Africans. The concept came from KZN-based Georgina O’Connell, who says, 'For those with an appreciation for the finer things in life this will be an absolute dream – to have all their most sought-after brands and designers in one place and then to be able to view product from all of them simultaneously'. Having a background in design and a passion for promoting home-grown talent, Georgina also hopes that those who don't have the time to physically shop for beautiful things will see this website as their go-to online store, where they'll be able to find quality goods and an efficient shopping and check-out service. The site will have a stringent selection process, focusing only on brands and individuals that produce top-notch goods for the discerning shopper. You'll have all the relevant information at your fingertips while you shop, including delivery costs and so forth, so that by the time you're ready to check-out you'll have everything in your 'basket' already. Eventually Georgina hopes that will go global: 'Our business goal is to establish a locally and internationally supported cyber mall which showcases and sells exquisite product and design out of South Africa and, in time, to replicate this business model in other countries so that Partners will be affiliated with an international brand'. If you are interested in becoming a partner (retailer) on the site, or simply require more information, visit or call 031-764-4529.