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Q&A: Zana

HL chatted to Robyn Britz, owner and managing director of the Zana brand. All their products, including their unique pouches, are made from screen printed fabrics. What motivated you to start your own line? We started Zana because we loved the idea of creating unique, modern and fun textile goods and introducing them to the South African market. Handmade and small creative businesses are appreciated and supported in Cape Town, which makes it a really great place for us to be. We started with a combination of skills coming together (design, sewing and coding) and we dived right in and have seen great success both locally and internationally. If you had to describe Zana in three words, what would they be? Graphic, fun and easy. What are the advantages of being so hands-on in the production of your products? It is really great to be able to determine the quality of your own product. We love researching and perfecting each element and stage that goes together to make one of our items. People really respond well to handmade and designer products. This has been great for us. What inspires your textile designs? I love to get inspiration from international design blogs and magazines. I find inspiration in the city of Cape Town, moments of joy and pops of colour in unexpected places. What do you think will be the major trend for textiles in 2014? I think that photographic prints are on the rise, with modern printing technologies really influencing what we see with regards to textiles. References from physical day-to-day objects, as well as nature in textile design, is going to be on trend in 2014. Interviewed by Astrid Sanders