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Q&A: Woodnewz

We chatted to Thinus Jonker from Woodnewz about the popularity of plywood. Why is plywood so popular at the moment? Plywood is an affordable material created from layers of ply. It’s durable and economical, making it an obvious choice for trend-based designs. The affordability and light colour adds to its popularity. Plywood is also available in different widths, which means designers can select an adequate width to match their project. What are some of the positives of using plywood for projects? It’s easily available and truly affordable. For example, an 18mm sheet measuring 2.4m x 1.2m costs around R380, making it ideal for DIY projects. It’s easy to work with for DIY enthusiasts, carpenters and designers alike. What’s your advice when using plywood? Plywood is ideal for small projects like crates, boxes and even small furniture pieces. For example, we create crates that are stackable and offer extra storage, especially in kitchens or creative spaces. If you want to create something bigger be aware of warping or swelling within plywood, as it can completely distort your design. I wouldn’t, for example recommend using it for large doors. If you are using it for a surface like a kitchen cupboard top or coffee table be sure to use a sealant to avoid marks and stains. Sealants are available in matte or gloss to create a look to match your decor. Ply also works really well when painted in bright hues, with elements of the ply still exposed to create a contrast. Remember to lightly sand it and apply a primer or base before getting started. Woodnewz sells their plywood items via their Durban-based factory. View their blog for more updates and details. Interviewed by Nadia van der Mescht