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Q&A: Vicky Sanders

HL chatted to Cape Town-based Loerie award-winning artist, Vicky Sanders about why digital trends are making waves in the art world.

Tell us more about what you do…

I design my abstract paintings in Photoshop before I translate that idea onto canvas using traditional art materials, or in my case, mixed media. As such, I’m able to explore a multitude of possibilities, which would have been challenging and extremely time consuming done the traditional way. I draw on the digital world for inspiration and manipulate different images in Photoshop until I come up with a new design, or I take parts of previous paintings I’ve done and morph them into something new.

Which digital art trends are big for 2014?

The contemporary art and design world is becoming more and more dependent on technology, which is allowing creatives the freedom to explore and achieve their wildest ambitions. Anything is possible these days with the help of technology. So for 2014 the barriers are only being pushed further – it’s a very exciting and innovative period.

Why do people love this trend as opposed to 'traditional' art?

I’m able to present the client with a complete mock-up of how their painting will look. We can work through the whole design process together. They want to know what they are getting and I have that advantage over a traditional artist.

What do you love about your own work and the effect it has on people?

I love it when I’ve poured my heart and soul into an artwork and it has captured that. The viewer feeds off the energy. It’s a very personal experience and if they love it, then it’s a very rewarding feeling.

What inspires you to be creative and different?

I’m lucky to be born into a creative family, so I’ve been pushed into that direction for as long as I can remember. I see art in everything and appreciate that there is 'abstract art' all around me, and an opportunity for a masterpiece wherever I look.

What’s in stall for you for you over the next twelve months?

I have some exciting projects lined up for 2014. Apart from interior design work, I’m doing quite a bit of artwork for the Bellville electricity depot and the brief is quite fun and retro. I also learn new things every year and one only progresses, so hopefully I’ll be thinking even more out the box.

To see some of Vicky’s work, visit her Facebook page.

Interview by Katharyn Williams-Jaftha