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Q&A: Terry Angelos

What inspired you to start creating works of art on vintage plates? I am quite experimental with my work. I like to ‘play’ in my studio with scraps of paper, found objects and different media. I want my art to be accessible and like the idea of art on plates, as they are collectible and easy to display. I have done pen illustrations on enamel plates. This concept evolved when I started to play around with vintage plates, dressmaking patterns and my own illustrated characters. You combine animals and humans to create visually striking ‘hybrids’. What made you choose this subject matter? The ‘hybrid’ creations are a theme I have explored quite extensively in my work. For me, I love their storybook quality. It feels very nostalgic. Beatrix Potter and Little Red Riding Hood, for example, are deeply embedded in my childhood memories. I am fascinated by subjects that have both a sweetness and charm, with just a hint of something darker. I love creating these quirky characters because I think they literally, and figuratively embody that duality. Describe your work in three words. Quirky, witty and illustrative. While you’re renowned for your whimsical plates, tell us more about your other work. My work is generally illustrative using black ink pen and Indian inks, my favourite medium. It's actually a mixed bag of drawings, 3D paper artworks, paper puppets, plates, botanicals, and even assemblages. Somehow it all gels into a collection of oddities that people are beginning to recognise as my work. What are your plans for 2014? My plans for 2014 are to exhibit outside of Durban. I am part of the Visual Manifesto Exhibition at Rust-en-Vrede Gallery in Cape Town. I have also participated in the mash-ups at Alex Hamilton’s studio in Woodstock, which are becoming very popular! My work with the Mr Price COLAB team launches in June/July 2014, so that is something exciting to look forward to. For more information and to view more of Terry's pieces, visit Interviewed by Lindi Brownell Meiring