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Q&A: Sobeit

Sobeit Studio is owned and run by Bartel van Vuuren and Liezle Fourie. Their space is described as 'mayhem' brimming with antiques, jewellery and the studio’s own unique designs. The design duo works in composites, metals and mould making, specialising in curiosity style pieces from lighting and furniture to candles and jewellery. HL asked Bartel a few questions about his views on design. What does 'uncomfortable beauty' mean to you? Uncomfortable beauty is the no-man's land where Sobeit thrives and conjures up unimaginable things. Rarely visited by most it is an emotional destination for a brave few where no meek will survive. When did Sobeit come into existence? Sobeit officially came into existence three years ago, but it's been a long time coming. Skills have been honed and refined over the last 13 years. What are your main influences? What do you feel is 'good' design/decor? There is no good or bad, only what you desire. It is this emotion that designers strive for. Since all people are different, it is what has driven design to be so diverse. I am unsure about our influences, as they are so numerous, but I know for sure that our desire is to get rid of the ordinary and intrigue people. What is your aim through design? I believe we are an adequate alternative to contrived design. We exist for people who don't want to be told to like something, but rather discover for themselves. Visit to view more of their creations.