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Q&A: Purple

According to Pantone, radiant orchid has been named the Colour of the Year for 2014 because it inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. HL chatted to Tile Africa’s Liza Watermeyer to find out how to incorporate this colour into our bathrooms. Is purple a good colour to use in a bathroom? Purple is perfect as an accent colour for the bathroom, especially purple with pink undertones, as it creates a calming, yet happy atmosphere. Whichever hue you prefer, whether it’s violet, lilac, lavender, fuchsia or amethyst, or perhaps aubergine, beetroot, raspberry or magenta, purple will undoubtedly uplift your bathroom space. Which colours go well with purple? Purple complements deep green hues, which are a popular colour choice for bathrooms, and it combines perfectly with blue-green shades and light yellows. This energetic, radiant colour will also add a splash of personality to neutrals such as grey and beige. How can we creatively incorporate these colours in our bathrooms?

  • Borders: Add colour through the use of borders. Tiles can be used to create wide or narrow, horizontal or vertical borders, whether it is with colourful mosaics, beautiful listelli or solid coloured tiles cut into narrow strips. Square tiles can be cut in half or thirds to create brick-like patterns or vertical borders to give the illusion of height. 
  • Accessories: Local home accessory stores stock bathroom paraphernalia such as towels, bath mats and soap dispensers in all shades of purple. These accessories are fairly inexpensive and can be swapped after a year, as they’re not permanent fixtures.
  • Go organic: Pantone’s Colour of the Year is inspired by nature, so why not opt for a purple-hued orchid or plant, such as an African violet to keep up with the trend in a natural and organic way? You could even keep fresh sprigs of lavender or agapanthus in a vase in your bathroom for an aesthetic and aromatic touch.
  • Metro tiles: They’re perfect to use as an accent behind the basin and bath. Select a bold colour such as purple for a dramatic effect or for a more subdued hint of colour, opt for white metro tiles and add a row in purple. Metro tiles combine a traditional look with a modern edge and their brick-like pattern offers timeless appeal.
For more information visit or follow Tile Africa on Pinterest. Compiled by Katharyn Williams-Jaftha