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Q&A: Mr Power

HL chatted to Mr Power’s Roger Bulgin about the difference between a geyser controller and a geyser timer - and how we can reduce the amount of electricity used by our geysers. Why does a geyser use so much electricity? The geyser uses so much electricity because it’s continuously re-heating the water inside the tank. The average geyser holds 150 or 200 litres of water and everytime it switches on, it's the equivalent of turning on 50 light bulbs. It re-heats every time the geyser temperature drops a few degrees. The thermostat switches the element back on and heats the water back up to the thermostat setting. This makes the geyser the number one consumer of electricity in most households. As an example, the average family uses around 130 hours of hot water a month but pay for 600 hours. The average household geyser switches on and off 24 to 30 times a day. How can I reduce the electricity used by my geyser? A Mr Power geyser controller is programmed to switch off the geyser when hot water is not required in large amounts. The controller also ensures the geyser is off during peak hours. The geyser controller from Mr Power can reduce your electricity bill by 20% to 30%. Plus, you are doing your bit for the environment by saving energy. What is the difference between a geyser controller and a geyser timer? A timer simply turns the geyser element on and off during a specified time period (typically two to three hours both in the morning and evening). It is important to understand that when it is on, the geyser element reheats the tank of water each time the hot water tap is used, regardless of the amount of water drawn from the tap. A Mr Power geyser controller detects current, or in layman’s terms, checks to see if there is still hot water in the tank, before switching on the element, thus avoiding re-heating the entire geyser unnecessarily. In addition, the geyser controller, will switch the element off once the required water temperature is reached. Unlike the timer, the geyser controller will only be active for the period of time necessary to get the water to the pre-set temperature and will then cancel the rest of the time period, thus avoiding unnecessary heating. The geyser controller also features a handy boost button that allows you to manually turn the geyser element on if needed. How do I go about getting a geyser controller installed? Call your electrician to supply and install the geyser controller, which sits neatly in or next to the electricity board in your home or office. Installation is quick and simple. If your electrician doesn’t supply a reputable geyser controller, contact the Mr Power team directly. How much does it cost? Product and installation should cost around R1500, giving a return on investment of less than six months. For more information and to find your closest distributor, visit or call 011-804-2988. Interviewed by Katharyn Williams-Jaftha